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Reject Globalism and Embrace Patriotism

 President Donald J. Trump forged international cooperation among strong, sovereign, and independent nations to create a future of peace, prosperity, and promise for the world. He combatted Radical Islamic terrorism, withdrew from the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal, and suspended travel and refugee resettlement from the world’s most dangerous regions. He recognized Israel's true capital and moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem and acknowledged Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. As a result of his bold diplomacy and principled realism, President Trump brokered four Middle East peace deals, collectively called the Abraham Accords, and our NATO allies agreed to pay $400 billion more in defense spending. Joe Biden’s humiliating defeat in Afghanistan has emboldened rogue regimes, terrorist groups, and rivals like China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran that were in retreat. Under President Trump, we will restore our standing in the world and American leadership abroad.

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